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Preventing Job Accidents in City of Jackson

The Safety of Workers is a Priority

Workplace safety is very important for employees and employers alike because it concerns the health and welfare of both the workforce and the company. Small business owners that encourage sound safety practices also reduce their risk of accidents and injuries, which in turn reduces the cost of insurance and minimizes any possible injury-related litigation. While it is true that workers' compensation covers medical expenses for workplace injuries, failure to meet the requirements of workplace safety outlined in federal and state of Mississippi legislation can open local companies in Jackson up to legal liability.

Use Cross-Training to Keep Employees Sharp

Skill regression is a hazard in many areas of a business, but it can be an especially big one when it comes to safety processes, personal protective equipment use, and material handling. These areas and other safety-related concerns should be a matter of ongoing training, and the best way to do that is cross-training. Mentoring new workers can help experienced workers stay fresh and updated.

Insist on PPE Use Where Appropriate

It's not just enough to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and to train your workers in its use. As the employer, you also need to insist it is used in every appropriate circumstance. The onus is on you, as the one in control of the workplace, to make sure everyone follows through with the practices that keep injuries to a minimum. A culture of lax PPE use might be something injury lawyers could use to substantiate claims of negligence, after all.

Take a Proactive Stance at the Workplace

If your building is in disrepair, it could present hazards that increase the odds of an accident. In those cases, you could be held liable due to negligence in the same way as if you did not provide safety gear or training. Be active in your pursuit of facilities maintenance to prevent these hazards. The City of Jackson may require regular inspections of some facilities due to health and safety concerns.

Accident Reduction Is an Ongoing Process

Keep in mind that any accident reduction measures that have real impact will do so over time. The key is consistent, ongoing implementation instead of making one change and counting on the issue to be fixed. The goal in Mississippi should be to achieve zero job related accidents and maintain a safe and healthy workforce.